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Thursday, September 2, 2010

What IF...Let's have a look!

What if...

I am not who I am now...
What if...
I am not a good boy...
What if...
I am not good in studies at all...
What if...
I am a rebellious child...
What if...
I do not listen to what the others said...
What if...
nobody put any hope on me...

Would that make me a different?
Different from what and who I am now~

According to what we learnt/ told by
In this age...We are suppose to study, because we only have ONE chance for our SPM and that related to our future. Whether it's true or not, and whatever this, we students/children are said to be responsible for our future~everything future future future~
Then who are going to be responsible for our teenager's period?!?!
Yes I know that we only have the 1 and only 1 chance to take SPM, BUT at the same time we only have ONE teenager's time in our whole life!

I want my form 4 life to be interesting...
But obviously I fail
My form 4 life is going to finish,
And I do not enjoy it at all.
Until now,
I missed out many chances to go out with my friends
They only encourage us to study.
Form 3 - "Don't think PMR is not important, it's.............."
Form 4 - "Don't take this year as honey moon year, you must............"
And I can slightly guess what is the next "comment" I would receive next year~

Don't you think there is a contradiction in this situation...
"Study hard for your future, cut down your activities..."
"You see! Ask you to participate in some activities you don't want, know how to study only!"
But when we have activities to go on,
We will heard this
"Who ask you to take part in so many activities?? You should use more time to study, You should know how to plan your timetable!"
What a freaking conflict made by Adults,
Our timetable, is actually their timetable~

Hey Friends,
Stop saying that I am timid!
Never ever said like that,
If I do have the right to choose,
You can surely know what I decide
It's not my choice to be so "cold" in my form4 life...
You all enjoy it easily,
But not me...

in their mind,
they thought a "often outing" will make we children's soul wild
But I wanted to tell you this:
Often outing doesn't mean our souls are not in the home,
Staying at home doesn't mean our souls are in the home!!!

There is a very wrong part, and problem faced by most teens...
In Adults's eyes,
The good 1 are those who success in their studies, the 1 who always looking for mountains of books...the 1 who obey whatever they said, because they never wrong.Although they do, they will never admit it.
The bad 1 are those who often outing, the 1 who fail in their studies,the one who do not obey them! In whatever situations~

The only reasons used by Adults for centuries...
" We are protecting you you know?"
Hey, if we are not given the chance to go outside, how can we train ourselves?? HOW CAN WE GROW??? Yes I do not deny you are protecting, but at the same time you destroy our teenager's time!
"Now is not the time yet, this is not what you can do now."
Hey, tell me when is the time we can?? after exam all the friends separated, And the feeling is not the same as now...When you do not have the chance to do what we can do now, doesn't mean that we are not suppose to do the same thing which you are not able to do in your teen's time!
"Results can not determine your future, but the certificate is the key to success."
This is ridiculous...again another contradiction...tell me what is the difference...For me, Certificates are never ever the only way to success! look at those scientists who succeed in their life, we read their stories since young, most of them are not very good in their studies. but according to our "law", there is another contradiction. So can I conclude that all these stories are lying??

There are many things, when I keep quiet, doesn't mean that I agreed with you. It's just that I am lazy to argue, and there's pointless for me to do like this.

Don't say that I still young don't know how to think, never said I do not think for the others, in some cases, why don't you think for me?? Why don't you Adults think for we Students!!!

My dear friends...
stop saying that I am useless...
Don't think so I do not like to go out with you guys,
Don't blame me if I am very disappointing...
If I do have the right to choose!
If and Only If...
I am not sure how often I can go out with you guys...
It's ok if you guys don't invite me the next time,
Let's take me some photos, and I will put that as my memories^^

My Form4 life...
Is just like this!
And maybe...
I get used to it already~


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yea~ Read this^^

that day went to BI tuition,
Miss Chan gave us 1 paper...
I love its content,
I will post them up here 1 by 1 ^^

1st one:

Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86400 and carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening it deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use that day, what would you do...?

You'd draw out every cent of course!!!! But each of us has such a bank. Its name is "Time". Every morning it credits us with 86400 seconds and every night it writes off as lost, whatever of this we failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance: it allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for us: each night it burns the remains from the day. If we fail to lose the days deposit, that is our personal loss. There is no going back. No drawing against "tomorrow". We must live in the present on today's deposit alone. So we must invest so as to get from it the utmost health, happiness and success...! Theclock is running...are you making the most of the today...???


Friday, August 20, 2010

Money Saving

recently cannot save any extra money ...
Don't know why...
too many things need money to settle...
Friend's birthday gifts..
class fee...
bus fee...

That day paid for installation RM5
friend's gift RM5..
1 week's money flew away~

My gosh...
Help me!!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seldom update??

Don't ask me why,

I also don't know...
Lazy + Nothing for me to write here
Feel weird when writing here nowadays

However I hope this wont last long,
because I like blogging^^
apart from what I mentioned just now,
another problem is,
my internet...

My gosh...
recently slow like du~
So no mood to write also, cannot upload photos..
I hope this problem wont follow me when I moved to a new place
Seriously hope that...

recently not so smooth,
My results sucks...
I broke my own record,
below 50% =.=///
next time I post my result here,
Let you all laugh >.<

From this second onwards,
I will try my best to focus for my End-Year Examination.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My mood...

yea recently my mood is gone...

I don't know what happen,
No specific reason.

I feel stress recently,
for my studies
I really got trouble for my add math
I don't like Logarithm!!!

And the paper came out so many log questions...
My mind got nothing when I look at the paper...
What happen...

Since primary school until Form 3,
I never think and never afraid that,
Any subjects related to NUMBERS would become a problem to me
Until I blank when looking at those questions...
Maybe I underestimate the question...
Add math..

I don't even know whether can get above 50%..
After the paper, it was like...
mood all gone~

I promise!!
This is the 1st and the last time for getting this kind of result
I will do more exercise,
do whatever I can do
To fight with Add Math
I don't believe Numbers can kill me!
Nothing can defeat me!!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hari Terbuka 2010

Preparation :

The day starts~^^

Our Job

Prepare for Choir^^

After that...
Balik Kampung...

Fun day^^ Like it... 3rd of July~ Yummy~